Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why listening to the Suzuki CD everyday benefits first year students!

Learning to play a musical instrument is much like learning a new language. If we were to learn a new language by reading a new book, our memorization of the words may be great but our pronunciation would likely be terrible. Similarly, if a student practices and plays violin from a book, their memorization of the notes and fingering might be great but their tone and rhythm won't be. The consistency and repetition is very important.

 Learning to play the twinkle variations is like learning to talk- listening and practice is important, and repetition is even more important. I am able to tell by listening to a student playing who has listened to the CD and who has not!

We have heard from a lot of families that they simply don't have a CD player to listen to their CD. This is becoming a common phenomenon with the shift in technology. We have a dropbox file with all of the songs that you can download to your phone or computer. You can also download it from Amazon at a cost.

Ways of inactively listening to the CD:

  • simply play it in the car and have it on in the background
  • play it during bath time, before bed (we have a few students that can't go to sleep without listening to the CD after they made this their habit!), while playing with toys have it on in the background.
ways of actively listening to the CD: 
  • Sing along to the lyrics (written by Music House teachers and other Suzuki teachers) 
  • dance along
  • play along- the songs on the CD are played quite fast and may be hard to play violin along to (though your child can definitely try!) but you can also play along to the rhythm with shakers or other rhythm instruments!
  • hum along 
  • come up with your own fun way of listening to the CD together with your child! Listening doesn't have to be a chore, the more they listen to the CD the more they will enjoy the songs!