About Suzuki Violin

The Mother Tongue Method: Every Child Speaks the Language of their Mother!
Suzuki Violin is all about parental involvement, listening to the CD on a regular basis, and positive reinforcement.
Remember to listen to the CD everyday. We are learning a new language! The language of violin. How could we have ever learned English if we weren't exposed to it everyday? If our mothers did not encourage us everyday to speak, and if we did not have the opportunity to listen to those around us speaking? It is the same with violin! The more we listen, the better we will be at speaking the violin with clear and accurate articulation. If you can't practice, don't worry! Just play the CD. In the car, while they are doing homework, eating snacks, waking up, going to sleep..and don't worry: they don't have to be "actively" listening. Our ears are always open!

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