"I know how to play the violin" Book

How to Help Your Child Be The BEST Violinist: (How To Use The First Year Violin Book):

This book is intended for Parents and Students to work together, and for parents to look at the book and assist our young violinists whenever they are stuck on a note.   Follow along, and help your child practice!  Use stickers, and smiley faces to check off the practice charts and check boxes every time your child is able to do something successfully!

Please remember, this book cannot be used without the CD! You must remember to listen to the CD everyday in order to know how each of these songs go- for it will be much easier to make the best sound. Play the CD and sing along using the lyrics in this book! Try not to rely on this book too much, because we are trying to help develop the part of your child's brain that doesn't get as much use- the part that processes pitch, rhythm, and timbre.  If your child is relying on the book for every note, they are not practicing and developing this part of their brain!  Test your child's memory and ability to sing the song in their head without looking at the book.

This book has all of the lyrics for all of the Suzuki songs, plus all of the notes!  Color in the drawings on each song, and fill in the practice charts.

Fill this book up with stickers and smiley faces so you and your child can feel good about practicing together and see all that you've accomplished throughout the year!

Click here to access a PDF of the book: First Year Violin Book for Parents and Students!

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